the hungry years

I’m feeling a little nostalgic today as we head into Mother’s Day weekend. We have so much packed into the weekend, with going to Ft. Worth yesterday for Lauren’s induction into Phi Beta Kappa and packing her up to come home, celebrating Lindsay’s birthday this evening, then tomorrow, going to a big family reunion, and finally, Saturday night, a Mother’s Day dinner for Mike’s mother and me.

The pace of life the last few years feels a little overwhelming. Somewhere we got on the fast train, and now I would like to stop and smell the honeysuckle beside the track. Maybe just let life stop pushing me in the behind, and take it at my pace. Over the last few years, watching my husband fight Houston traffic almost three hours each day, and both of us working so hard, then rushing to get something done at the ranch another hour away, then holding down the fort at home somehow doesn’t seem as fun as it used to. Busy used to be better in my eyes. I still have a lot of guilt when I “take the day off” from whatever it is I do, but I don’t feel quite as bad any more for appreciating what the air smells like again, or watching the dog sleep at my feet, or even writing a little reflective blog post.

I remember when a picnic with the kids at the zoo was as exciting as an African safari, and the fun we had when we put together a few dollars and shared a Coke with a burger. We have had the joy of our lives raising three beautiful children and seeing this world through their innocent eyes. We have known such amazing highs and lows. Both made us appreciate the good times more, and grow more resilient through the challenges. Our ride turned out so well, but I wished I had known. I wished I had basked in it all. “Everything we wanted was everything we had.” In the lovely long ago, I wished we’d realized how rich we were. I loved those days of dreaming big dreams, but the reality we had was as sweet as any of the biggest plans we made.

Happy Mother’s Day to each of you, and may God bless you and your families.




4 thoughts on “the hungry years

  1. One of the things that I all ways wanted to be was a mother, and I made it I have 4 children and I have 3 grand kids and I can’t wait for more…
    I understand when you say the little things were just exciting as the things that you can dream would be so important or fun…
    I hope that your weekend is a great one…

  2. It’s in those “Hungry Years” that you and Mike built a foundation that will be your legacy. You’ve taught your children how to be content with nothing or everything. If you just have each other you can get through anything. Thank God He is the center of your life! Cling to those Hungry Years, my friend! They are so important.
    Happy Mother’s Day!
    Love you,
    Angie xoxo

  3. Where has the time gone? Jessi turns 20 on Sunday and I just can’t imagine where all the days went. I hope your mother’s day is wonderful this weekend. Many blessings to you.


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