the only constant is change

When we first moved here, the one familiar place was the grocery store nearest my house. It had the exact same layout as the one in the town where we moved here from. It was reassuring to have that known spot when everything else was turned upside down. I could rely on shopping relatively stress free and was able to get the chore done. Frankly, groceries just aren’t what I like to shop for. In all these years, I haven’t changed that much. I tend to do things in the same way with the same patterns, and I generally like routines. Today, I walked in to my same old grocery store and found it in turmoil. Remodeling and updating the whole enchilada. They are obviously keeping up with the Jones’ down the street with the new upscale grocery store. I just have one thought on that concept: if I wanted a tour of world foods, I’d shop there. It could be fun. Kind of. In a off-beat sort of way. About once a year. But for a dozen eggs and a loaf of bread, I don’t want to feel like a rat in a maze. I don’t need five choices of eggs or find myself questioning the subtle differences between crumpets and the usual English muffins. I just want to get a few items in a timely fashion.

Now, if others are like me, 7-Elevens are due to make a comeback. I might risk a bullet for an opportunity to go back to the simple life. I might even get a Big Gulp while I shop.


9 thoughts on “the only constant is change

  1. Right there with you. Don’t grocery shop that much with just the two of us. When they would change my old favorite around and I would have my list made out for two weeks and my list would be made out according to the store asiles, it would really frustrate me….they are just wanting more money by putting so many different items in the stores…. Blessings on your day…Love, Mary Lou

  2. I’m not a fan of the grocery store.
    Really…I don’t like it. 🙂

    I will go get what I want or need and thats it….nothing more.

    Fancy foods scare me to death.
    Keep it simple people!!

    Big hugs~

  3. I know what you mean! The “grocery” stores here keep getting bigger and bigger in order to carry stuff that has nothing to do with groceries and it takes forever to get through the store and find a loaf of bread and get out. And all those big stores have pretty much run all the little normal grocery stores out of town.


  4. I’m about ready to insist that they bring them to me. I am not a fan of grocery shopping and really don’t need the added stress of them playing, “hide the canned pumpkin”. (Because heaven only knows I have no idea what to do with a real pumpkin.)


  5. I’m in total agreement… I’m sure you’ve noticed the toothpaste “aisle”! Between this and your church you must be going nuts! Love you on DAY 5, Angie xoxo

  6. They’re rearranging our grocery too. It is so confusing because I’m such a creature of habit that I automatically walk to the aisle I know what I want is on and it isn’t there! I want my groceries back in order!!!

  7. I am with you sister, I want to get in and get out…save my shopping time for Caldwell Nursery in Rosenberg…


  8. Anne,
    LOL this is funny I understand what you are saying there are places that I wish they would never change, I like them the they they have all ways been… Good luck with the remolding of the store, I hoep you can find your way around…

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