thanks, Earle

This probably falls under the category of offbeat trivia that could be your ticket to win the next challenge at your house or perhaps more useless information that gives you brain overload. So, in an effort to keep you informed and always the life of the cocktail party, I offer this bit of nostalgic news. Yesterday, one of the greatest whistlers and composers of our day, Earle Hagen passed away. If you watch TVLand or are about my age, you would recognize his tunes. He wrote theme scores for Hollywood such as “I Spy,” “Dick Van Dyke Show” and “Mod Squad.” The one you can probably whistle yourself is Mr. Hagen’s “The Andy Griffith Show” theme. I am grateful to Mr. Hagen for his contribution of joy to my life. Here I insert my own confession. I like to whistle. Often I don’t even realize it. Usually, I am by myself–possibly to spare any unintentionally listening ears or for my own reassurance and mood elevation. I whistle while my heart sings inside, and, while I am confessing, occasionally in the shower for acoustic value. Just the sound of Andy Griffith theme song can take you away. Take a minute and listen with me and picture Andy and Opie walking down the dirt road, sporting their fishing poles. I am so there. It doesn’t hurt that I like to fish, too.

andy griffith – Theme Songs


8 thoughts on “thanks, Earle

  1. Dontcha kinda feel sorry for people who can’t whistle?? My third child can’t. It’s just a little joy in life. Also, I wrote a post about thanking Harvey Korman today. I loved that guy.

  2. It’s impossible to be in a bad mood while whistling. Not everyone can do it. My sister loves Andy Griffith and I feel like whistling the song now in the coffee shop but it’s too quiet! Thanks for sharing this news… 😉
    Love, angie

  3. I loved the old tv shows. I wish the ones these days held some of the old values. Like the wisdom of parents, instead of making the kids smarter than the parents and so on. Also, part of the little known trivia, the whistling on the Andy Griffith show was actually done by Earle Hagen. Love to you and I’ll get some wedding pics posted asap. Karen

  4. I love hearing about things that mean something to me or my husband, we love the Any Griffith show, my husband is a red head and he has been called Opie, since he started working at the jail 26 years ago… I cna’t whistle very well but I like listening to it, I have a little tune in my head all the time and from time to time I do my little do do do to the tune…
    thank you for letting us know…
    Your in my prayers…

  5. My dad would watch Andy Griffith EVERY SINGLE NIGHT and I watched right along with him. It either came on at 6 or 6:30. I will still watch it if I find it on.

    Nothin like a classic!
    Love you~

  6. I was surprised how nostalgic I became when I read in the newspaper he had passed away. My husband remembers the time Mr. Hagen visited his elementary school in Rosenberg in the early, early 1960’s and whistled the Andy Griffith theme music as a part of his speech.

  7. I didn’t know either one of those things. (the whistling or the passing.) I like to whistle too but I narrow my repetoire to “if I only had a brain” and whatever Christmas carol that is flitting through my head at the moment. (which is often because my mind sings Christmas carols all year long.)

    I hope your day is beautiful!

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