short-changed grace

On a rare day, I am fairly certain I get a glimpse of eternity. I see with eyes that are not my own. I have the gift of experiencing something much bigger than what I want or need, but what makes being a part of this world more beautiful. Nothing mystical about it. It is the reason I started writing “annie’s eyes” to record those God glimpses of truth and love, even if they last a fleeting moment. I find it is only when I am tethered tightly to His anchor of love that I am privileged to share in miracles with Him.

I had two moments yesterday that were nothing short of a miracle and a vision, of seeing through His Eyes a grace-filled moment of movement toward Him, grasping His infinite love for me. The specifics would probably bore you, but they were custom-designed to tell me that He cared about details in people’s lives.

Oprah today was talking about some kind of magic where you magnetically draw good things into your universe—the “secret.” One of the “authorities” with her mentioned quantum physics, trying to sound scientific about something nebulous and beyond her own grasp. Can I just say “huh?” Oprah does a lot of good, but she is so off track on this one. This movement is against what and who I know my Lord to be. He does want us to be joyful and delight in Him, not things. He calls us to a higher purpose to reveal His Glory, but that somehow doesn’t get translated into being our own god, our own magical lamp, where we “will” things into being. God is in charge and we are not, I can assure you. And I find great peace in knowing this world is bigger than my happiness. When you intimately walk with the Lord, self is not that important. There is glory at stake. He is so much more.


8 thoughts on “short-changed grace

  1. I too am disturbed by Oprah’s influence…she does have a following. Yes, there have been shows I have watched and enjoyed them, but I can not nor will I support anyone whose beliefs are totally wrong!

  2. Wonder how she got onto these “theories” lately – sadly, she has so much influence.Personally, I rarely have seen her show. I agree that sometimes she does a good one.My friends used to bug me as I couldn’t for the life of me pronounce her name so I called her O long before she did!

  3. I personally marvel at the “gifts” He drops off as we go along our day! They cannot be explained any other way than just knowing they came from Him and only Him. A miracle is not to be confused with magic! BTW: I don’t consider them boring. It sure takes the pressure off knowing He has full control… His Will be done, not mine!
    Angie xoxo

  4. Amen! I overheard some ladies talking about this Oprah stuff the other day when I was shopping and it disturbed me seeing how people will follow her.


  5. Thanks for sharing your heart. I clicked Oprah on yesterday and when I heard them talking I decided that I was not going to listen because it was not the Truth. I find for myself I just can’t make myself listen to people like that. It’s wonderful that He made Himself known to you. Oh, how many people are swallowing what is on her program, just because of who she is…it is so sad that she is leading so many astray. Thank you for pointing out the error of her thinking and that of those she had on the show. He has so designed things for each one of us that show us how much He loves us and cares for us and His ways are so much better than anything we could possibly “will” into being. I shudder to think what would happen if we truly had that power. Oh, so glad that He is the One in control and not me…Blessings on your transparency sweet Annette.

  6. Annie,
    I love it when God gives us glimpses of how much he loves us that he wold put so much care into all the little things, thank you for sharing this…

    I have stopped watching Oprah completely, some of her shows are good, but so many of them lead people away from God, so I read when I have my brake at work durning that time…

    I Pray that you are having a great week…

  7. When a sister has a glimpse of Him and His handiwork, it gives the rest of us hope. Thank you for sharing your heart.

    I appreciate you so much!


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