of fathers, flags, and freedom

a father’s legacy: “From everlasting to everlasting the Lord’s love is with those who fear him, and his righteousness with their children’s children.”-Psalm 103 : 17

Take a minute to celebrate our great country this weekend and give thanks for our fathers and for our forefathers who made our freedom possible. I am proud to be an American and my Father’s daughter. Happy Father’s Day and Flag Day! God’s richest blessing over you and your families.


2 thoughts on “of fathers, flags, and freedom

  1. My flag is up until July 5th.

    With all the problems we have in our country, we must remember 1 important fact, we can worship our Savior and proclaim His name anytime and anywhere.

    Annette # 2

  2. I’ve always liked this song. I, too, am thankful to have been born an American. My grandfather and father did their parts in fighting for our freedom. I am also thankful for parents who taught me God’s truth and introduced me to the one true God, Jehovah.

    We have the freedom to blog about our Savior with friends (like you) that we’ve not met face-to-face. I think that’s awesome!

    Love to you,

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