8 thoughts on “taking nothing for granted

  1. Happy Day!
    How I wish I could have walked with you on the beach every sunrise. I knelt on the thousands of thought-filled reminders of His Thoughts. I knelt in humility for you and stood in grace for you before the ocean’s tide and talked with God about you. So grateful for your friendship and for touching me in deep places!

  2. Wow! I thought “under God” was always a part of the pledge. Hope you have a wonderful July 4th weekend.
    Blessings in Christ–

  3. Love you Annie! Thank you for being my bloggy friend and always keeping me true to what life is all about.

    Big hugs!

  4. Never heard this before…brought tears to my eyes. I’ve noticed when we do pledge to the flag that people don’t keep thier hearts covered with thier hands as long as they are supposed to…you are supposed to keep your heart covered, in salute, until the flag is no longer in the room and no longer presented….We are loosing so much. Yet, we still have so much. May God save America, He has already blessed us so very much. Happy Fourth of July.

  5. That is one of my favorites. We have a radio man that plays this once a year here as well.

    blessings to you on this rainy fourth!

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