working it out

I finally found a gym that works for me. It is nearby and it has all the latest workout equipment and is clean. The gym furnishes towels, those germ-free foam dispensers, and every workout option I may have ever considered. I don’t need a complete cute workout wardrobe to go exercise like my old gym. The best part is that it attracts the geriatric crowd who wear loose t-shirts and black socks with their tennis shoes. It is full of “trainers” that I think secretly may be spotters to call 9-11 in case of heart attacks. Of course, it could be the hour I choose to go. I get there after the early work crowd but before the babysitters open, so I tend to see more gray hair in one morning than I do all day. I love that because it is a gym that will grow with me. I also love the pool. A few years ago, I had some trouble with TMJ, and the prescription was to swim every morning. My orthopedist told me the problem could be corrected with a strong core, and he was right. Sound familiar? Everything workout related seems to include the word “core” lately but it makes sense. If you have a strong core, everything else is stronger, more flexible, more in balance.

Our spiritual lives are very similar to our physical. We need a strong core, a daily time dedicated wholeheartedly to being spiritually fed. Just as our bodies weaken without a strong core, so do our hearts. A strong core leads to integrity, to peace with God, to harmony in our lives. With that core, balance and flexibility are easier attained. With a core of Christ, nothing is impossible, and each day seems a little more doable. Even more importantly, our spiritual cores reap everlasting benefits as opposed to physical workouts that are temporal.

I’m thrilled about the new gym. It also serves coffee so I grab a cup after a good work out of strengthening my core, and then I have to pass by the donut shop on the way home. Yes, very similar to our spiritual lives, I’d say.


8 thoughts on “working it out

  1. Lol my core is sore as well I started line dancing this week, and my core knows it..
    Of corse I keep giving my spiritual core a work out so that it can keep up with me… Thank you for sharing, you are in my prayers…

  2. i think you are absolutely hilarious about the donuts…love love love your heart!!!
    writing from austin where things are going well and well, this may be where God is leading us…waiting to hear Him …

  3. I did some Yoga last week and my “core” was sore! It was the best workout and I think it affected every muscle in my body! I need to work on my Spiritual core and have Him invade my soul. If I lose my focus on Him I will fall and be in big trouble! I loved this post. It made me stretch my mind!
    Love you,
    Angie xoxo

  4. Very true! I don’t like gyms so I don’t go.

    I sent email about Siesta Fiesta. Did you get it?

    Blessings in Christ–

  5. You amaze me! Not only do you make me smile, but you make me think. I need to be working on my “core”. Or rather, both my “cores”.
    love you,

  6. You are so right, Annie! The core does have a great affect on us physically and spiritually. (I’m glad you’ve found a gym that works for you.)

    I just love it when God speaks to me through my everyday life experiences, such as you passing the donut shop on your way home. He does have a sense of humor.


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