song selection and a salute

Okay, I’m confused. It’s not the first time. As usual, technology is the culprit. My iPod died, drowning in my Sonic limeade a few weeks ago because of an unfortunate puncture in the Styrofoam cup. I was feeling rather secure, as I had opted for the insurance for once on the newly purchased mp3 player. I got out all my paperwork and headed back to the store, only to find that water or limeade damage was not covered. Since then, I have ruminated over the multiple choices of products in the mp3 player genre. I have gone so far as to purchase a Zune and return it, consider a new cell phone that also plays mp3s, examine iPhones, iTouches, iPods, mini-shuffles, and nanos. May I just add, all I really wanted was my own tunes with me for walks and long car drives, or so I thought—oh, which led me to purchase an iPod adapter for my car. Now, after seeing so many selections, I think I might need an optional FM player or my emails downloaded, or my contacts list and calendar from Outlook with me, so the decision is I’ve decided I can’t decide. All this high tech comparison from a woman who thinks power windows are just one more thing to go wrong with a car and panicked when the dog had her head out the car window and accidentally stepped on the window switch. But that probably is another post altogether.

Scientists spend countless hours in research to develop items that are supposed to improve the quality of life. We have so many choices that we now make more decisions in one day than we did ten years ago in one week. This takes an inordinate amount of my time, which defeats the purpose to increase the quantity and quality of leisure time. I want time to dream again, to rest my weary mind, to feel creative because there is room in the brain for one more thought. Maybe I need none of the above and just a day off to not have the luxury of choices. The dream is usually better than the reality anyway.

I’m not sure how to tie this together, but the other thing weighing on my head this morning is, as I write, Houston and the world are saying goodbye to world-renown heart surgeon, Michael DeBakey. He would have been 100 years old on September 7. I believe history will record him with the greats of Jonas Salk, Thomas Edison, and Albert Einstein. Here was a man who put his great mind and inventive techniques to unparalleled excellence. No iPod creation credit for him, but he will be remembered as the man who pioneered open-heart surgery. Before his discoveries and advancements in surgical procedures, heart patients were pretty much prescribed bed rest as their only hope and had little chance to live. He revolutionized surgical procedures originally by mending veins with a fabric, Dacron polyester purchased from Foley’s, a local retail store. In contrast, creating new iPods or using Dacron to heal veins, I want to salute Dr. DeBakey and am thankful he sacrificed the frivolous in life and opened the doors to amazing medical advancement. His dream became a remarkable reality and hope to many.


11 thoughts on “song selection and a salute

  1. I wonder if my father-in-law had the same doctor do his surgery many years ago? He went to Texas! I’ll have to ask my MIL. You know how I feel about my music and I know you feel the same way.
    Love you,
    Angie xoxo

  2. Hey Annette – We got David the new nano for his trip to Africa last month. This one held photos, books, music – and we even found a battery powered charger that worked wonders!! He loved it!! You could probably use the same care adapter, too. Have fun listening to and thinking of all your favorite tunes as you set it all up again!! love, Kathy

  3. Hello,
    I’m coming over from “why 2nd cup of coffee”.

    This is a cute post. Lot’s of lemonaid going into these posts. 🙂

    It is really interesting that the heart surgeon lived to be 99 3/4!! I hope they publish something saying if it was his call to better health or was he heavily medicated? I’d like to believe he was a health finatic.

    Nice to meet you!

  4. Maybe you should just hum songs instead. (Unless you are me. Humming and singing are definite no no’s. Which is why an MP3 player is a bad idea for me. Because I sing along to the music only there is no music for anyone else. Bad idea.) As far as any other techological advice, I have an mp3 player that I cannot figure out how to get songs off of. But I can figure out how to make it play. (See note above about singing.)


  5. I’m with you, girl. There are so many choices that they make my head spin. Besides technology, just look at the cereal aisle at the grocery store!

    I have been trying to decide on an iPod, too. So, I don’t have any advice except if you like what the one you had, go with that again.

    Sorry to hear that we have lost such a great man as Dr. DeBakey. We are so blessed that there are people like him who share their genius with the world.

  6. I am no technical good to the world. I don’t even understand my Mp3 player and so I don’t use it anymore. But aren’t you glad there are some people, as Dr. D, who are technically inclined, brilliant, and who choose to benefit the world with their gift?

  7. Dr D was a blessing to the world.

    I cannot offer you any ipod device, I cannot work the satellite radio in my husband’s truck. I still play cd’s in my car.

    Love, A2

  8. I vote for “None of the above.”

    I don’t want another thing to keep up with and remember to use.

    Let the beautiful brain of yours enjoy the down time and just “be.”


  9. hey sweet girl…liked hearing about Dr. D…sitting here wondering …what in the world I contribute…when it is all said and done…so i will go back to giving my whole heart to my beautiful God and relating to HIM…feeling very inadequate
    at the moment…funny how one piece of family news surfaces
    and I am way too affected by it…wonder why….sorry about the iPod loss …someone reached into my purse, at school, and borrowed mine permanently…and is the dog’s head stuck in the window???

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