the ’08 blog games – #1

In celebration of the Olympic games quickly approaching, annie’s eyes is featuring Blog Games. . .(I’m not sure if I can find two actual games, so my next post on this topic is iffy.)
Just to let you know, I really struggled with question #2. I wanted to mark E. All of the above.

What’s your fitness personality? I am a slug. Find out here.

Your Fitness Type: Intellectual

You find exercise to be quite boring, and possibly even a waste of your time.

You need to be mentally stimulated when you work out.

Try using gym equipment that you can read or listen to an audio book on.

Or try an exercise method that involves study and concentration, like yoga, pilates, or weightlifting.


7 thoughts on “the ’08 blog games – #1

  1. I have to double dip real quick.
    Accidentally hit your link and came to what I thought was an anonymous site and saw the adorable childlike faith header and thought—“excuse me, but you have the same title as my friend Annette!” And it was Y.O.U.

  2. Your Fitness Type: Thrilling
    You feel like mainstream exercise is way too ordinary and cookie cutter.
    And going to the gym is the worst if of it. It’s like having a second job.

    Try exercise that’s adventurous, like snowboarding, rock climbing, and kayaking.
    The only limit to what thrilling exercise you could undertake is your imagination… and your wallet!

    Maybe I do like games… 🙂
    It all depends who I’m playing with!
    Love you,
    Angie xoxo

    p.s. Now, I have to get back to business and read your last post!

  3. I was serene.

    Excuse me? I didn’t have myself pegged for that. Maybe I need to take up the yoga thing after all!

    Love you girl,

  4. I’m also a slug (or is there anything less active than a slug)! 🙂 The test says I’m also an intellectual type.

    Hey, I like the new blog look!


  5. My fitness level is slug w/ a desire to begin walking and biking again…but not enough desire to go outside this week…

    Love, A2

  6. LOL
    My Fitness Type: PLAYFUL
    Anything that makes me feel like a kid again…yep that’s what it said.
    I guess they have my number cause I am really getting old and still feeling young and think I can do anything until I try it…then it’s like aches and pains.

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