the thump

I don’t really know what to say. I’m still blushing. My daughter, Lindsay, and her team won THE watermelon seed spitting contest in Luling, TX at the Watermelon Thump 2008. If you’re not sure what all this excitement is about, you should check out their official site here. I’ve had to wait to tell you because, as I suspected, there are pictures to prove this claim. (It just took a little investigating on this mom’s part. Thank you, Facebook.) That’s right. You, too, can share in my joy! Lindsay’s boyfriend, Andrew, and his parents, all took home trophies the weekend before the Fourth of July. Andrew’s entry would have taken first place in the singles, too, had he entered on Friday with a force of 44 feet 4 inches. So, you know what we did? We had a little contest of our own at our Fourth picnic, and GUESS who took on the champs quite well for a novice? I came in second in the girls’ contest—yep, second to my sweet girl.

Way to go, Barnes and Lindsay! Y’all are way fun. And for those of you coming to Texas in a few weeks—you just wait. There’s more excitement close to where this came from in San Antone.

Charlie, the Thump Queen, Judy, Andrew, and Lindsay


8 thoughts on “the thump

  1. makes a mom really proud…
    remember when my son won the greasy oil calf roping (he was 5!) and it was a tiny little thingy…oh my where’s the video of the watermelon feat??

  2. LOL! Did Lindsay, by chance, get her “talent” for spitting watermelon seeds from mom? 🙂

    You’re not a wimp. You got out there with some champs and took the challenge!

  3. There is a contest for watermelon seed spitting? Oh my I am truly a yankee thru and thru- Yankees do not do things like that!(no just kidding)

    Just never heard of a seed spitting contest. I must be pretty sheltered. I am sure you all had alot of fun! Any video?

    Would love to see Annie in a seed spitting contest!

    Many blessings
    Your Siesta

  4. I had forgotten about the Watermelon Thump in Luling. Haven’t been to Luling in over 20 years. Not everyone can win contests associated with such charm, class, and prestige! Congrantulations to you and Lindsey. I think the Mosquito Festival in Clute is just around the corner.

    Love, A2

  5. Could this happen anywhere besides the Lone Star State? You know you are in Texas when… Maybe you ought to see how your readers would fill this in…

  6. Hmmm… Although I am very impressed, I sure hope we don’t have to do anything like that! I do think I could beat you, though. 🙂
    I better practice this weekend!
    Angie xoxo

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