feliz cumpleaños a Lauren

Today, my daughter, Lauren, celebrates her 24th birthday. I’ve already introduced you to her many times—I just know that you would love her, too. She is so full of life and is a joy to those who know her. She is beautiful, quick witted, and intense. She has a heart as big as the state from which she hails, and cares more about everything than most people I know. This week, she is moving home from her job internship in Florida and will be home for about a month before she moves to England to go to graduate school.

I ask your prayers for her as she starts a new journey in her life for God’s Hand to be all over her and draw her to the center of His Will. There are so many exciting things ahead for her and for this mom who can’t wait for her to be home on Saturday!

Happy Birthday, my sweet Lauren! You capture my heart. May this year abound in much joy, good health, and His peace. Love you so, Mom

Oh, go ahead. Splurge a little!

Oh, go ahead. Splurge a little!


13 thoughts on “feliz cumpleaños a Lauren

  1. Awww! She posted a comment! We love Lauren even though we have never seen her but we believe she exists. Actually, the girl is full of life, isn’t she? What a beautiful girl who has made her mom so happy to have! Do you just pinch yourself sometimes thinking about the children God gave you??? For Him to entrust us with these little lives…like whoa! Taking a break from packing and instead of turning on the Olympics, I’m reading your blog!

  2. To walk in the center of His will.

    Amen momma!!

    Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter. Give her a hug from me!
    She is so beautiful.

  3. What a blessing children are. I’m praying for Lauren (and for you!) as she continues down His path. And happy birthday wishes to her as well!

  4. My daughter is also 24 How happy you must be that you have some time with her. I’m sure you’ll have a great time.
    Blessings & Love,

  5. Happy Birthday to Lauren. Blessings on you this, her day. It’s also a great day for mama’s on thier children’s birthdays. May Proverbs 31 be your blessing today. wow, your new site is so different….looks great.

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