you know the kids are home when

…nobody can get to their car

…my iHome speakers go missing and I find them here

…the party is at our house

…everyone is in the kitchen at the same time, and …the house looks like someone shook it and this mom doesn’t really care. Be back in a little while with Cover to Cover.


5 thoughts on “you know the kids are home when

  1. I know that your heart overflows with joy and the mess will go away eventually. It is such a minor thing when you are having time with your adult kids. Blessings on your time with them.

  2. How fun!

    That’s how our drive way looks too. And our street is getting really crowded with cars lining the curbs as more of the children are actually teen drivers now. I must be more cautious backing out.

    What joy for you to have a house full!

  3. Looks like fun! Our house looked like that last week and now I don’t feel so back with all the SUVs and Pick up trucks, we are not the only family with those type of vehicles.

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