twenty-six years ago today…

…my first born made his glorious and timely (well, God’s timing at 10 days late) entrance into the world. He rocked my world as everything I knew to be in my control was shaken to its not-so-solid core. I clearly saw the future of a sacred life entrusted to me, and felt more inept and scared and awestruck than I had ever felt. I was an incompetent, yet hopelessly in love young woman. It just took one look into that precious face. I’ve never had so many emotions converge into one moment. Holding him, I knew a miracle, I saw Life itself transform my own, and I met more love square in the face than I had ever felt.

At nine pounds eleven ounces, he felt so solid and strong but was so helpless and pure. There was innocence in my arms, such a clean slate of new life. He was everything I had imagined. But I wasn’t prepared for it to be even better, even more. He always has had such a sweet and joyful heart. Today he is rock strong and solid, and his heart still is so genuine, loving and pure. We’ve just had two weeks of long talks, a few meals, a lot of late nights, and plenty joy and chaos with his adorable, teddy bear-dog (Black Labrador), Rebel, trying to blend in with two cats and a very jealous Abby, our springer spaniel. It’s never dull around here when kids are home!

I am most proud of this guy and his character and integrity. He’s the kind of man you hope your boys grow up to be. He truly is someone I like as well as love.

So, today we celebrate Greg, who he is to us, and how he changed our world forever twenty six years ago today.  Happy, happy birthday, Greg! We love you so.


11 thoughts on “twenty-six years ago today…

  1. Ditto on the comment from Angie!!!! We should start our own matchmaking service – Blogging Christian Moms with Christian Single Children!! See you in 4 days if Fay stays away from Tampa!!
    love, Kathy

  2. How did I miss this post? Okay, I wish I could control God and make Him orchestrate a meeting for these two! Greg is exactly the kind of guy I want my daughter to marry! I’m still praying! Oh, and she would love Rebel!
    Love you,
    Angie xoxo

  3. What a handsome young man! I feel you heart, mom. Children are truly a blessing from God.

    Several years ago I read something I have never forgotten , it read, “Giving birth is the one time we can assist God in a miracle. ” What a privilege it is to be a mother.

    Happy birthday to you, Greg!

  4. Ah, yes the first born. my first was my girl and my second was my son…so I guess he is my first born son, ha.ha…Your first two were born in the same month…mine are two years and three weeks apart to the day. How they changed me and drew me closer to Him and how they are still doing that. God is so good to allow us the joy of taking care of them. May you all have a great day and may you have many more together. Happy Birthday Greg…you are a blessed young man to have the mother that you have.

  5. So sweet Annie- what a precious gift we receive in our children!

    Thank you sharing. Happy Birthday Gregg

    Your Siesta

  6. Greg, I knew your mom would have a beautiful tribute up for you today, so I waltzed on over to wish you a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

    Lots of love to you!

    Mrs. Myers from Fairfax, VA

  7. There’s nothing like our first born, is there? (Of course, there’s nothing like our second and third and fourth born either.) Our babies change how we view everything. I’m praying for him this morning, that this would be the beginning of his best year yet!

    love you,

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