5 thoughts on “sunday’s song – this is my desire

  1. Oh, I love this song, too. Each time I hear it or sing it, I am reminded of when we were in Ghana, West Africa. I taught this to some “new” friends.

    I learned a sonf from them that has been special to me. Here are the lyrics:


    Yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come.
    Do something new in my life.


    Do something new in my life
    Something new in my life
    Something new in my life Oh, God

    These simple words reflect a heart desiring a fresh touch of God on a daily basis — that’s me! 🙂

  2. I cannot wait for the day I give Him my whole heart, just when I think I have, I find a little piece held back. Thankfully He loves His works in progress. Blessings to you sweet Sister!

    I love you,

  3. This song is truly the desire of my heart.
    All that I adore is in you…
    Lord I give you my heart
    I give you my soul
    I LIVE FOR YOU alone
    Every breath that I take
    every moment I am awake-
    LORD have your WAY in ME, Truly!

    Thank you for that song!
    May HE be your desire Annie! May HE show you his face this week!


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