the little gifts of God

It’s 48 degrees outside this morning and the sun is shining. There is something about the autumn sunshine that totally captures the beat of my heart. Octobers are either gloriously beautiful or rainy and gray in Houston, Texas. This year, we’ve had both, so we will take this cool sunny day and not miss the gift that it is. 

This type of  weather inspires the OCD Susie Homemaker in me with an organizing frenzy. The windows are open and the music is on. By the end of the day, I hope to have one amazingly clean office. I’m going to a late lunch/early dinner with a friend so we’ll sit outside and SOAK up the sunshine. Now, one room down, the rest of the house to go. Hmmm…back to that great weather! Enjoy God’s gifts that are yours this day!

This song is another Selah favorite of mine. Angie had the most glorious gift of seeing/hearing Selah and Nicol Sponberg last evening. If any of you get the chance, you NEED to go. Their concerts are almost always at a church and are free. Such beautiful worship!


5 thoughts on “the little gifts of God

  1. We have also been enjoying the change in the weather. Hope it holds out until Halloween. Nothing worse than 90 degree Halloween, which is not out of the question, as you know. 🙂

    I’ve got the cleaning organizing bug too. But I’m a little too overwhelmed to get a whole lot done.


  2. 48 this morning!!! I love it. I am to San Antonio tomorrow for a conference at Alamo Heights UMC. Should be a beautiful day for the drive…Your musical selection reminded me to put a Selah CD in the car. Have a great weekend and a blessed Sabbath.

    Love, Annette

  3. The Selah concert was the BIGGEST gift I’ve received in a long time! Thank you for investigating the concert for me. You found it in MY hometown and I am most grateful! I am glad I am home listening to this song right now! I got the chills again! As great as Todd’s voice is, I hope you also noticed the amazing piano player! Thank you for posting their link. I’m going to do the same on mine. We need to be in charge of marketing for them! Their concerts should be sold out and more should enjoy them than the Detroit Pistons, Detroit Redwings or the Detroit Lions! There it would be safe to stand up and down and scream like our God deserves! Sorry, I’ll settle down now! 🙂
    I love you more for sharing them with me!
    Angie xoxo

  4. can you come and organize my life once you get done with yours?

    Enjoy the weather! It’s raining here (finally…and constantly) and since it’s cool, it really feels like fall. I’d like to crawl back into bed (which may explain why my life is so unorganized at the moment) but they’re expecting me back at work.


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