a word of encouragement

USA-POLITICS/Since the Republican National Convention, I can’t get one little snapshot out of my mind and I want to explore it a little. I still don’t know quite what to make of it, but it speaks volumes of our culture, our nature as women, and how we support and encourage women differently than men. Before you think I’m about to launch a sexism rampage, I assure you I won’t.  It just strikes me as incongruent yet perfectly appropriate.

Chuck and Ruth Heath were at the Republican National Convention in proud support of their daughter as the Republican VP candidate. As the striking Sarah Palin was introduced and took the speaker’s podium, the crowd roared. The camera panned back to Chuck and Ruth just in time to catch Sarah’s mother say to her husband, “She looks beautiful.” It was her way of saying, “I am so proud of my daughter in this surreal moment.”  She is a stunning woman, but Republican Conventionbeautiful in this case was much more. Beautiful encapsulated the sheer awe and joy and pride many felt as they witnessed the historic moment. Just for a second, I saw an incongruence of what a compliment for a woman and what a compliment for a man looks like. If Senator Obama’s parents or his grandmother were captured in the same moment, I wonder what they would have said to each other. “That’s my son!” Or maybe “I’m so proud of him.” I don’t know. What is the difference between a compliment for a Christian versus a non-Christian? Do they or should they look different? Today, I had the highest compliment I think I could receive when a friend said that I had the presence of the Holy Spirit clearly with me. I know when I do and when I don’t, and today, I didn’t feel Him much, but it reminded me that He was ever before me waiting to place His mantel of love upon me, and it made me smile in my acknowledgment to receive Him again. What do you consider the highest compliment? I know we are not to draw our praise from men, but we do need to encourage one another in sincerity and in love.

What causes you to smile when someone says an encouraging word? What do you need to hear today from your loving God? My prayer is that He will show Himself mighty to fill your every need.


5 thoughts on “a word of encouragement

  1. Hmmm… The highest compliment? I am still thinking… It definitely has to do with character.

    Now about you… You are SO full of the Holy Spirit. You are full of Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Gentleness, Faithfulness and Self-Control! You are the most generous person I know with your time and resources. You NEVER give up trying to make people you care about feel special! You give compliments when you mean it. You are genuine and a true friend! You are a woman of integrity and I admire that, too! If I weren’t a Christian, I’d surely compliment you by telling you how beautiful you are. Although it is true, I personally care more about your heart! You make me smile!
    Love you,
    Angie xoxo

  2. Annie,
    Wow, that really made me think. I guess I need to hear that I’m enough. I don’t have to twist myself into knots trying to be something more or something I’m not. Thanks for the thoughts. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Hope to see you again soon. Maybe some starbucks before the holiday? Love Ya, Karen

  3. What beautiful words and certainly something to mull over. I think when I hear words like these, my first inclination is to doubt or dismiss them. It’s like you are handed this wonderful gift and you are afraid to take it. Hmmm…something to ponder.

  4. Beautiful post. I need to hear: Child you will not be tired forever because you know I refresh you and revive you with my Spirit. (I know this, I just need to hear it.)

    Love, Annette

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