where is Jesus?

nativityWe have several nativity scenes that we place out every year to decorate. We place the baby Jesus out last as a tradition to represent our “waiting” time of Advent. In years past, I would place Jesus in the drawer by the nativity and allow one of the kids to take him and put him in his centermost place on Christmas Eve.

Last year, I was looking for all the “players” in the scene and accounted for all except one of the nativities–it was missing Jesus! I looked in each storage chest, assuming I might have left it in a drawer and not gotten it out. It was quite the search. After all, what is Christmas without Jesus?

The picture at the top is the nativity that was missing the babe in the manger. I placed out all the rest of it and frantically searched for Jesus.

Somehow, I had forgotten that on this nativity, Jesus had been placed in his mother’s arms, and was there all along. Though I had missed Jesus, He  had never left us.


Where is Jesus in your waiting this year? Where is he as you “prepare ye the way of the Lord”? Is he front and center in your life, or is he tucked away out of sight? Are you searching for him this year with a hunger and an anticipation? He is right there waiting for you, and He always was right where he should be–center stage in his story and our story.

Blessed Christmas with Christ Jesus at the center of your life stage this year. And may it reassure you to know that He has been right there beside you all along.


9 thoughts on “where is Jesus?

  1. Oh I love this!!! I’m anxiously awaiting Him. I have my eyes open and my heart ready. I want Him, need Him, and love Him more than I can remember at any other Christmas.

    Merry Christmas~

  2. This truly was a beautiful post. Loved the Nativity set. I too, did not put Jesus in the manager till Christmas morning. I found a Mary,Joseph, and baby Jesus all in one piece last year and bought it and have left it out all year. Thank you for the reminder of keeping Him center and in the front of our thinking and celebration. Know you are having a sweet time with your girls..thanks for taking the time to post this. Blessings on your day…Love, Mary Lou

  3. I loved this! We so often overlook the very reason that we are celebrating. In spite of the busy-ness of work, this season has seemed more peaceful somehow. Perhaps because I’m finally focusing on Him (and not the workload.)
    love you,

  4. This probably sounds SO bad, but it’s the truth… so here goes… I have a nativity scene that I got as a Wedding gift from my first marriage. A friend did ceramics so it was pretty special to us. I used to set it all up, but not anymore. Now I just put out Joseph, Mary and Jesus. The rest is hidden in a box in the basement. Is that terrible? I wonder what that says about me? I am trying to get in the gift giving Spirit, but I cannot help but think about all of those who have nothing this Christmas. I tried to go shopping today, but everything just looked like “stuff” that will clutter and no one will care about a week after Christmas. Both of my kids as well as Lincoln have told me they don’t need anything this year (especially after our amazing trip). They want us to give it all to charity. Hmmm. I’m not sure what to do?! God is on the move in this family. He is screaming something in my family’s ears and He is whispering to me. Sorry to go on a rampage on your blog. Your post spoke volumes to me!
    Love you,
    Angie xoxo

  5. Praise God! Thanks Annie for your wonderful post. May the time spent with your sweet family leave precious memories to look back on.


  6. Powerful post. If we keep Jesus in the center of our lives, the cares of the world shrink and His light grows brighter.

    Hope you are enjoying your week with your daughters.

    Love, Annette

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