entertaining angels?


He looked up over his wool cap and I saw his piercing blue eyes. His sign said, “Any help is appreciated.” A quick exchange of smiles and an humble look of gratitude told me it was God I heard that said to help. I pass the intersection several times each day and usually am not affected. However, it is still 37 degrees at 1 pm which is very cold for a Houston day. Why do they always say, “God bless you” before I do? I wonder if he knows better than I that it is God alone through Whom his provision comes.


4 thoughts on “entertaining angels?

  1. Annette,

    This is very interesting, because I tend to not want to give money. You just never know if they want it for alcohol or drugs.
    How important it is to use discernment and listen for the voice of God!
    Thanks for the reminder.

  2. I thank God so often, especially in the winter when it is so cold, that I have a warm safe place to sleep and dwell. I pray for the homeless that their needs will be met.

    We’ve helped people in the past that afterward, we wondered if it was an angel. Either way, we are told that we are to give. Allowing God to touch someone through me is my prayer.

    Yes, Annie, I would like to share a cup of coffee and a piece of See’s candy with you in 2009 🙂

    God bless you and Merry Christmas!


  3. I believe they do know better than we do that God is truly our source of provision. I have to catch myself when I get down about the economy and reflect and remember how He has provided for me ALL of my life. Thank you for this reminder. It’s much colder in Memhis…37 is cold for Houston, it has gotten up to 30 at three thirty, the projected high was only 28…so we are having a heat wave. We need to pray for those who don’t have a warm house or warm enough clothes. I need to do more for those who have less than I do. Thank you for being so sensisitive to the Lord. Blessings

  4. I always feel so deeply the homeless people’s plight when it is very cold and in the summer when the heat is unrelenting.

    Love, Annette

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