steal away with Him for a moment

Today, I am catching up on December 24th readings and I can’t read the words without thinking of the song, “Before the Throne.” We have such an amazing God who once and for all made us more than sinners who can’t reach God. God reached down and rescued us from a wooden manger of Bethlehem to a wooden cross of Golgatha. He made sin no longer the hopeless barrier to Him. We are no longer in a prison of old laws that require continual purification.We are saved by Grace, made new creations in Him, engrafted as sons who enter His presence through a new way, the Body of Christ. Because of His unspeakable Gift, we are His children with a great inheritance of restored fellowship with Him even this day and forevermore. Thanks be to God.

Hebrews 9:11-10:20


2 thoughts on “steal away with Him for a moment

  1. I know I said this on my blog, but I keep thinking how grateful I am that God created a way to bridge the divide between us, that we should not grumble that we can’t get there a thousand different ways; we should just marvel at the One Way he made.

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