i see what you’re saying

Linda, at 2nd Cup of Coffee, is hosting a video carnival today at her party-on-a-screen blog. This is round two of “I See What You’re Saying” though I wasn’t able to jump in the first time. I had many clever things to say, but somehow when the camera was rolling, my cute cleverness waned. I guess it’s just dang hard to talk to a round ball with a  hole sitting on top of my computer screen. I think I’ll call him Wilson. (Remember, Tom Hanks in Castaway’s BFF?) If I weren’t so embarrassed, I’d grab one of my family to run the good video camera, but for now, Wilson is as brave as I get.

Go check out the other more witty videos today over at Linda’s. Her comments are almost as much fun to read as her posts so you know there’s some seriuos creativity going on today. I hope you have your best year in 2009.
Love ya,



27 thoughts on “i see what you’re saying

  1. I’m popping over from Linda’s…

    Thanks so much for sharing that beautiful devotion. How comforting to know that the Lord is holding our hand as we enter each new day, each new year!

    Blessings to you in 2009!

    ~ Rachel

  2. Hi Annie!

    That was a great video…. You are sweet and it was so neat to hear your voice as well….. I can see God in you.


  3. I wish I could give everyone a copy of streams in the desert. It just speaks to my heart. It is my all time favorite devotional copy. I have been reading it for almost five years now.
    You have such a calm and sweet soothing voice. Who wouldn’t want you to read them a bedtime story!

    Simply lovely!


  4. The theme of my new year: streams in the desert! (but from Isaiah 43:19) What a coincidence…

    We are Salvation Army officers serving in Spain (hence the ‘Hola’, etc.) We’re originally from Chicago, but I did live in Houston for a year….

    Happy New Year!

  5. Annie
    I am so excited because although I was blocked from seeing the other video’s I was able to watch yours. I guess because you aren’t on Blogger. (I am at work now and our work computers block most video’s) And the message in your video was wonderful too. I thought about doing this in my video but at the last minute I decided to do something funny. So thanks for visiting my blog and for making this video to share with us. You reminded me that I haven’t done my morning reading yet and I am several hours behind. Thanks again,

  6. Beautiful devotional dear sister! Happy New Year to you too. (And Merry Christmas)

    Can you believe we will begin Bible Study in 2 weeks???

    2008 has been a long year, but somehow it flew by, you are definitely a gift sent from heaven to me.

    Love, Annette

  7. Oh Annette. I’m all choked up. I loved this devotional, especially the part about the hills collecting enough showers for the valleys. New Year’s is not my favorite holiday. Since I tend to lean toward a glass half-empty way of thinking, I sort of fear what lies ahead, especially concerning my elderly parents. But “right thinking” such as this devotional reminds me that no matter what, I will not walk through it alone, and we always, always have hope because we hope in Him. Thanks for sharing, and I loved seeing your beautiful face and hearing your soothing voice. You are a treasure to my life. Love, Linda

  8. how wonderful it was to hear your voice! and what a blessed devotion to hear this morning. (some silly person spread their cold germs around…so we will end this year the same way we began it. sigh. oh well, there’s better things ahead!)

    enjoy your family time. May you be blessed today.


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