i have a dream

Just got my precious daughter on a plane to live in another country. Just had my cry. As I walked through the door of our house, Abby the wonder dog came down from her bedroom. She’s by my side again. And precious daughter is off to pursue her dream on this Martin Luther King Day.  Wishing you a powerful dream and an opportunity to see it to fruition.

5 thoughts on “i have a dream

  1. Just prayed for her and for you. Blessings..Mary Lou

    I’m much.much better. I healed very quickly, faster than I thought due to all the prayer that was offered for me. Thank you.

  2. Annette—Wow! Has the week you emailed me come and gone already??? So sorry. I think that my gmail account is only on my phone and once your name was gone, I forgot to email you. Oh, I thought I had, I composed said email in my head a jillion times…please forgive me!!

    Yes, coffee when you’re in town. Home Depot and hence, Starbucks is across the street from me!!! Email me and I’ll respond with my cell phone number when I know your schedule. 🙂 I’m available 9:15 to 2 Tuesday through Friday. Looking forward to it!!

    And, love the dream post, love Mama Mia. I think you’re the best already!! Have a blessed night.

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