holy rest

13There is nothing like a little solitude and a couple of gorgeous days to refresh the heart. I have spent the last few days away, even though a pile of things mount up at home. I knew if I could have some refreshment in Him, I could tackle those projects better-well, certainly with a better attitude. I walked around a creek yesterday and read a book in the sun. I breathed a little deeper, and finally learned how to sleep soundly again in the night. I spent part of the day in prayer, part of it eating healthful foods, and part of each day working physically. I’ve wanted a short break since before Christmas, but there was no getting away from the badgering long list of To Do. My imagination had totally left, and I had little patience with the smallest things. I am sorry for those quick arguments, for the rushed attitudes, for the inconsiderate, thoughtless words I spoke. The funny thing about rest is we rarely know we need it until we do it. Clarity of mind comes, joy of living returns, and, perhaps best of all, I have something to offer someone else. I feel gratitude this morning as I pack to return to the city. I feel content. May your Friday be filled with blessings, and may you have eyes to see them.


6 thoughts on “holy rest

  1. I am so glad that you got to get away and be with Him. You were truly blessed. Praising Him with you. Blessings on your week end. Love in Him, Mary Lou

  2. You spent your time w/ the Most High, there is nothing better than that! I crave to sit outdoors for a while w/ my Bible…not a minute here or there…I can tell I have been indoors too much lately.

    Beautiful picture…

    Love, Annette H

  3. Your peace kind of flows through you to the keyboard to the screen to the reader. It’s almost palpable. I’m glad you got centered and refreshed again.

  4. I’m so happy God Blessed you with that special place to get away from it all and have your own retreat. Praising Him for your true contentment. I wish I had a “little house” to go refresh my soul, but I know someone who does. I’ll get a fishing pole and some boots!
    Drive safely!
    Love you,
    Angie xoxo

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