back to January

We had highs in the 70s at the ranch the last few days. It’s 45 and will be dropping all morning this morning, but we have a plan. Not fishing today, but getting the fruit trees ready with a dose of cottonseed meal fertilizer and loosening the soil around each tree. Then we are going to the famous Bryan Co-op, every rancher’s dream. Honestly, I’ve wanted to go over there for years, but we’re never here. So later today, we’re off. Still a beautiful colder day and a fire in the fireplace doesn’t hurt to chase away the cold. Here is a picture of last night’s sky right before we left for dinner. I’ll let you know about the co-op. It could be lots of fun. And goodness knows we need to talk to some farmers and learn how to do this thing. We have more honey, though. Now I just need to get busy and make some labels for the jars.  Have a good weekend, Annette



5 thoughts on “back to January

  1. Beautiful picture! Can’t wait to hear about your experience at the co-op. I planted more spinach and lettuce as well as peppers, broccoli and herbs. I have tomatoes too…they are in pots so I can bring them in and coddle them during cold weather. I am craving a fresh tomato.

    Love, Annette H

  2. that sounds like here only Friday it was 55 and then 23 last night. Now they are throwing around the “s” word with threats of accumulation. Which probably means we will get a flurry or 400 inches. Enjoy!


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