the best is yet to come

I’m running around today preparing for a shower that I’m hosting tomorrow. It is the second for this family which we’ve given, so many of the same people will be there whom I met before. I noted last time that this was a punch-drinking bunch! So, as I make the punch today which I have to transport in large frozen bins, I decided to serve this recipe first, then change to my old standby recipe to keep the punch bowl full in case they put it down like they did before. This kind of reminds me of Jesus at the wedding in Cana, only in reverse. As they ran out of wine, he turned the six large urns of water into the very best wine. And the comment that stands out in the story that makes Jesus’s ways so different: “Everyone serves the good wine first, and when people have drunk freely, then the poor wine. But you have kept the good wine until now.”

In our lives, we are often lured into some bad things when Satan serves the fun and the enticement up front. Then, we’re caught in a downward spiral. You start by thinking “It just doesn’t get any better than this.”  And, that is the truth–it’s usually downhill from there.

Jesus knows our need for our lives to have increasing meaning. He knows our desire for life to get better with value and reward. With Jesus,  He saves the best for last. As we approach our final days here, it only gets better as heaven awaits. Morning by morning, new mercies I see. Every day with Jesus is sweeter than the day before.



6 thoughts on “the best is yet to come

  1. Hope all is wonderful this weekend! I’ve been pondering some thoughts along the line of what you mentioned this week. Had a “duh” moment earlier in the week about how wonderful some of God’s plans/intents for us were. Well, duh. Of course they are wonderful. They are God’s. Which led to thoughts about how sin seems so appealing/fun but really isn’t. And I’m rambling again. Enjoy your punch tomorrow!


  2. I love this hymn so much. Every word is true. As I go through this season of grief, I wonder how people who do not know God the Father, His Son, and what He says in the Word do death.

    Your post is such a great illustration.

    Have a great weekend dear sister in Christ.

    Love, Annette H

  3. Only with God is the best yet to come! Satan never shows us the ugly side of sin for fear we would run the other direction.

    I love this song. It’s one on my favorites. God is faithful — all the time. Even when the answer is not what we wanted, He knows what is best and is faithful to gives us what is good and perfect.

    I am waiting for God to show me HIS “yes” in a matter in my life right now. I will not move until He shows me which direction is right. I’ve known His faithfulness all my life and can fully trust that He is continuing to be faithful and will guide me.

    He is so awesome, isn’t HE!!!

    Love ya,

  4. How you bless me with your insight. I don’t comment on every post but I do read them. Thank you for being so transparent. Have a great week end and be blessed and a blessing at the shower.

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