a thought for today

I came across this in my readings and thought it was worth sharing. . .

C.S. Lewis said, “You are not what you think you are. There is a glory to your life that your Enemy fears, and he is hell-bent on destroying that glory before you act on it.  This part of the answer will sound unbelievable at first; perhaps it will sound too good to be true; certainly, you will wonder if it is true for you. But once you begin to see with those eyes, once you have begun to know it is true from the bottom of your heart, it will change everything.

The story of your life is the story of the long and brutal assault on your heart by the one who knows what you could be and fears it.

(Waking the Dead , 33–34)


5 thoughts on “a thought for today

  1. I am glad that I am not who I sometimes think I am. (perhaps the other assault is who he persuades me to think I am as opposed to who God knows I am.) All in all, it’s something to ponder on this early rainy morning.


  2. Thanks I needed this. He heard my cry here and answered thru what you read and were moved by. The enemy is really assulting me this week. I find it hard to believe that he fears what I can do for Him thru my life here on earth. I will ponder those thoughts today. Bless you sweet girl.

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