the diet update

I am not above using this forum as an accountability tool. So you get to hear about the boring diet again, as I give you a quick update.

Well, I still love the Daily Plate, a calorie counter online. It has most of the foods I eat already assessed for nutritional value, and is very convenient. However, there are too many pastries and I have a lot of obstacles right now, but am staying focused. I can’t wait to get “clearance” to tell you a couple of things, but I’ll just say the summer is looking very good right now. The Wii I am using mostly for weigh in and balance, with some aerobics. I have added variety to the exercise component by using it, but it isn’t as good a workout as the eliptical machine. The good news is I have lost three pounds just by paying attention. I am exercising and don’t feel like my legs are going to fall off anymore. I have more energy, too. So–all in all, we’re still at it and with God’s help, will stay the race. I have to remember good health is a marathon not a sprint.   On another note, I must say I haven’t missed the pet hotel of last week, and I still marvel that I was able to get anything done at all.


If you have any diet or exercise tips you’d like to share, I’d really like to hear from you! A little inspiration goes a long way.


6 thoughts on “the diet update

  1. Good for you! I use a treadmill 30 minutes a day and now walk 15 min 2 or 3 times per day. As for food, no junk, no second helpings and smaller servings. lost 30 since June 15/08 I’m going very slowly – don’t want to feel deprived:)

  2. I’ve come to love the 100 calorie treats. I should have stock in Skinny Cow! They’ve come up with some great ones. The 100 calorie popcorn is great, too! Just being aware is huge. I’ve noticed when the program asks me what my physical activity is for the day, I want to record something… anything! I’m looking forward to your next post!!!
    Love you,
    angie xoxo

  3. I have found if I keep instant chocolate milk in the house or the Dreyers Whole Fruit bars…when I want something sweet they do it for me. Clementine’s do as well…I love other fruit, but it does not satisfy my occasional sweet tooth.

    Also if I want garlic bread to eat with a topping such as brushetta, toasted white peta bread or light sour dough bread works. I love bread, as a result I try not to buy it.

    Keep up the good work. I have lost 4 lbs by walking and watching what I eat most meals.

    Way to go girl!

    Love, Annette H

  4. I am just curious as to how many calories a day you are consuming? Are you eating several small meals? I have found that eating smaller meals and eating a small snack of either yougurt or some fruit and cheese in the middle of the afternoon has helped me. Trying to eat more balance and more veggies and drink more milk. Not too much milk, but more than I was before, fat free milk of course, ha, ha. You are not boring us…keep us up to speed. That is great that you have lost three pounds..keep it up till you reach your goal. Blessings..Mary Lou

  5. Are ya doin’ the 30 x 5 Challenge?? I can’t remember. Sorry to be so mentally cloudy. I’m with you, though, on getting serious. You have my curiosity worked up now over what you can’t talk about just yet.

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