great mysteries of the day

Why is it that only the 1/3 cup measuring cup goes missing and not the whole set? I’ve spoken to several of my neighbors about this very thing and apparently, more than mine are missing. I have two sets of measuring cups and both are missing the oh-so-important one-third cup. I wonder if there is a special place for kitchen gadgets like the famous laundry’s lonely single black socks club? Just a few of my thoughts as I organize my kitchen cabinets this gray day. If I get it done, I will be making a trip to Ikea, which is either gadget heaven or gadget hell depending on whether you need one specific item or you just want to waste an afternoon casually strolling through the great Miles of Aisles. I say that from an experience I had when I wanted one particular item, had printed out the sheet from the on-line catalog, and finally made it to the store. I went to the back far corner where kitchen sinks were located (honestly, that was what I was buying) and saw a line waiting to talk with the one employee in charge of the “back forty.” I am not a good waiter, so I jotted down the bar code # and headed for check out. After making my way through the maze and consulting the store map several times, I found the check out area, waited in line, patiently this time, only to find that, no, I needed a salesperson to write up the order so I could take it to check out, then go to the delivery counter where I again would wait, then back my car as close as I could get to the yellow barriers that kept you from slamming through the glass doors, and lug my own kitchen sink into the trunk of my car. Okay. So, I trek back to the far corner of the store, this time, only slightly more familiar, but watching the arrows on the floor carefully, and finally get the order, check out, hand it off to delivery and chunk that thing in the trunk. I sat down in my front seat, exhausted and resolved not to return to the store for one item ever again. I must hate myself because today I am convinced that I need the one-third measuring cup. Because I plan to take my time this time, I bet I don’t get out of there for under $100.


8 thoughts on “great mysteries of the day

  1. No Ikea near me either. And my 1/3 measuring cup–one is in the oatmeal and the other in the sugar. If I need 1/3 c. I just “eyeball” it, after all that’s how my grandmother measured.

    I hope and pray all is well. All is good over here.

    Lots of love,

  2. my 1/3 measuring cup is in the sugar canister, ready to be used to make koolaid at a moments notice. I hesitate to change it out because I think we’re all used to putting 3 scoops of sugar in the pitcher without even looking. Who knows what might happen if I replaced it with a 1/2 cup measure or (horrors) a quarter cup. (too much sugar is much better than too little!) I hope your shopping trip went smoothly!


  3. I just checked and yes, my 1/3 cup was there, but I was completely out of Ginger cookies! I hear you can walk around the store browsing, while eating a row of cookies! I may need to make a trip to our Ikea soon! I have an addiction to their napkins! I have every single design!
    Love you,
    Angie xoxo

  4. I may have your black sock…if you make it out of there for 100.00 or less, I will be impressed.

    I remember lugging a 15 x 30 area rug out to my car because I could not get the cart past the yellow barriers, I vowed never to return…and so far have been Ikea free for the last 4 years.

    Can’t wait to hear about the gadgets you find.

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