the sacred in the ordinary

When I don’t blog for a while, so much happens I hardly know where to start.  Easter Sunday, we went to church at St. Martin’s in Houston. If you ever visit, you should stop in this beautiful church. I felt like we were at Princess Diana’s wedding with all the glorious music, the procession of flags, the choir, the priests, the flower wrapped Cross…it was the grandest worship and a good and timely Word. Here’s one picture of the sanctuary—this church was recently built, but it looks like one you’d find in England.

We’ve also been in full gear for the wedding coming up. I had the most wonderful time with my daughter in Austin yesterday. Some things are too grace-filled a moment for me to even give words to. This is one of those pieces I am holding on to and treasuring just for myself. Suffice it to say that it is a most surreal experience to see your precious daughter in a wedding gown. A million thoughts flooded my mind how blessed I am and the bright future ahead: each thought is so tender to me. But if you don’t mind, I’ll savor them privately and thank God again for the grace to experience being a mother.

While I was in Austin, I was able to meet up with Bev. I decided to drive up, convinced Tuesday was our day to go have some fun and some real conversation where I could see her eyes. I needed to see her after all she’s been through lately, and no words on paper could fill that. I got up early and made a couple of things to bring her and Lindsay, and was on the road by 10 o’clock. By 4:30, I still hadn’t heard from Bev, but finally it happened. She called and we made a plan—or I should say we carried out a plan she made months ago. The rest of the evening was purely sacred to me. We shared an awe-filled sunset, and grabbed each other’s hand and prayed. Only God. After spending a year together reading God’s Word and exchanging posts about what “lingered” as we read, I got to know Bev’s heart before I ever saw her face. And let me tell you, she is so beautiful inside and out. Her heart for the Lord  is stunning—better than the sunset. Even in the dark of night, His Light shines brilliantly through her. We shared some depth-of-soul moments that evening, and I was filled as we said goodnight. God is so very pleased with her as she clings to Him. With every breath, she testifies of His Glory. (Bev–I printed this picture to hold as I pray for you.)
As I sit here on my patio this morning, I feel like Mary, pondering all these things in my heart, all these sweet gifts from Him. Wishing you holy moments within your ordinary days.


9 thoughts on “the sacred in the ordinary

  1. Thanks for sharing a piece of this experience. I’m praying for an opportunity to go to Austin. I love the photos. And yes, I agree, His light is shining brilliantly through Bev. I just left a similar comment about His light shining though her on her blog before coming over here. What confirmation!

    You have so much happening right now and how exciting it is! Congratulations to you daughter & to you for having them all closer to home.

    Love & many blessings in Christ our Lord–

  2. Happened to check my e-mail at the end of my teaching job and there was Annette—two blocks away. She scooped me up “as is” with all my fears and failures and whisked me away to the Oasis, the sunset capital of Texas. In that ordinary meal, the beautiful God we so ADORE showed up. I’ve always wanted to pray with someone watching His sunset not knowing what the future holds but finding HIM in the moment. No guaranteed blessings in life for obedience. But a sure and solid guarantee of God Who is present and bringing me to a deeper place of rest in HIM through beautiful people like Annette. You brought God to me Annette and I am forever changed from knowing you through a blog. You gave me hope as we sat and shared for hours in 93 degrees determined not to melt. The only thing melting was our hearts as He says in His Word—He sends one word and melts our hearts. Thank you for quiche and fish and hope and courage. My love to you siesta!!!

  3. Such precious God given experiences and memories.

    2 of my aunts were married at St Martin’s in the “old” church…I love the new sanctuary…I was on staff when they had a Faith Alive a few years ago…the music was spectacular.

    Love and peace to you.

    Annette H

  4. it truly is a precious time as we prepare for our girls weddings. These memories will give us something to hold on to when the “road to the wedding” gets a little bumpy. I am so grateful that you could go and spend time with Bev. I’m praying for her constantly but it helps to know that someone can go and actually “be” with her too. Thanks for being our hands.


  5. God. Is. So. Good! Beginning with a computer screen…. then face to face. When people talk about how terrible the internet is, I secretly thank God for His brilliance! I wish I had words to go along with all of these emotions. Since I don’t, I’ll just tell you how special you are to me and all of those who cross your path!

    So much love,
    Angie xoxo

  6. I know what a thrill and moment it was to see your daughter in her wedding gown. I sat and watched the video of our daughters wedding over and over for a while…and they live here in town. What a special time for you all. What a beautiful sunset. I guessed it was you on Bev’s blog..she mentioned that a Siesta from Houston came to see her and brought her some food. A few of us guessed you…I KNEW it was you, but then I know your history with her…You are in for a blessed time in preparing for this wedding. Enjoy every moment of it…I is one memory that you will cherish for quite a while. Know your heart was and is full of all that you and Bev shared. Her post today is a blessing to read…just as this one was.

    Love, Mary Lou

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