celebrating feliz cinco and Lindsay

untitledMy Cinco de Mayo baby turns 23 today! What a year she will have as she graduates in three weeks and gets married in October. My sweet girl sings like an angel, loves unashamedly, laughs and steals hearts away. As she wraps up her finals these next two weeks and prepares for the next step in her life, I can’t help but beam a huge smile and think how proud I am of her. She has a balance in her life that few achieve. She works hard and plays hard, loves to run, and loves to work. She simply loves life with a fullness that spills over to others.  Our baby girl was born early on a party day in Texas, Cinco de Mayo ( celebrating Mexico’s independence from France. ) Today, I celebrate her independence, her beautiful outlook on life, and the blessed twenty-three years we have had the unspeakable joy of calling her our own. Happy Birthday, precious Lindsay, and may this year bring you the joy and dreams that God had ordained for you since before you were born.  We love you more than you can imagine!


my niece, Leigh, Lindsay, & her fiance, Andrew

my niece, Leigh, Lindsay, & her fiance, Andrew


7 thoughts on “celebrating feliz cinco and Lindsay

  1. I’m SO glad you were all able to celebrate her birthday early! I know how much you love your girl! It’s hard to believe your baby is 23! Leigh is just as beautiful as Lindsay and Lauren! You have some good genes! Andrew’s smile is contagious! If you see this, Lindsay, good luck with your finals! You’re almost there!
    Much love,
    Angie xoxo

  2. If she is anything like her mom….and I’m sure she is….she’s a knockout inside and out. I just posted about wonderful you and wanted you to know. You have touched me in such deep places! What beautiful words about your precious girl! She’ll always be your girl. And you’ll always be a beautiful mom—Psalm 50:2 cause it’s His Beauty that so pours out of you! Sure do love you, Bev

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