5 thoughts on “sunday’s song – Jesus Messiah, Lord of All

  1. I love this song, too. I love praise and worship. Each time I listen to P & W music while driving , I can picture my car going down the road with musical notes of praise being raised to the Heavens! 🙂

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  2. Oops! Hmmm… I wonder how I slipped and wrote my name as Angor? Anger? Not even close. At least I wrote “He” twice.
    🙂 I better listen to the song again.

  3. This song was church today as I sit on a beach chair watching the waves ever so gently this morning. It was no accident that He brought us down here to see where He doesn’t want John to live. We are so grateful and God will get ALL of the glory. He He revealed Himself more to John this week than ever before! His love is SO amazing!
    Have a nice Sunday.
    Love you, friend!
    Angie xoxo

  4. What a blessed way to start my day. What truth, what scripture. Thank you for posting this today. The video was awesome too…the little lamb laying on the cross, whoever thought of that visual was certainly led by God. May you be blessed today for sharing this video. Let me hear from you when you have any news. Praying for you. Love, Mary Lou

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