where have all the fireflies gone?

Just as the sun tucked under the horizon and darkness began to fall, I recognized the unspoken command for all good children to return to their homes. No watch was needed. Only the summer sky told me that the kickball games were over and the bicycles needed to go back in the garage. The magic of night would soon emerge. Most evenings, we scurried through the door with sweaty faces and that smell that only wet dogs and hot kids can seem to muster. Bath time was surely next, but some nights we’d linger outside in the front yard to catch fireflies in mason jars with lids that we poked holes in with an ice pick. You never hear about ice picks any more. Are they a relic of years past? For that matter, where are all the fireflies? Why don’t I notice the fireflies anymore? Did too many summers pass?  

On a friend’s blog header is a quote by Elizabeth Browning: “”Earth’s crammed with heaven, and every common bush afire with God; but only he who sees, takes off his shoes. The rest sit round it and pluck blackberries.” Oh, I don’t want to miss the abundance of miracles found in each moment. And yet, I hurry through life with the blinders of busyness and ingratitude on far too many days.

This blog is named annie’s eyes for one reason. I need to see God. I need my eyes to behold Him. Some days, He seems so far away like the summers of my youth. Sometimes it seems so dark.  Yet He is always near, whispering “It’s time to wake up. I am right here with you. Call to me and I will answer.” All I need to do is open my eyes.

Awaken me, Lord, with the eyes of a child to experience You. Give me eyes to see, to take off my shoes in reverence, and to behold pieces of the Kingdom with awe like carefully captured fireflies in the night. Amen.



4 thoughts on “where have all the fireflies gone?

  1. Annette, just last week, I dragged out my ice pick and my mason jar and lid and poked lots of holes to give breath to the firefly sweet Henry wanted to put in his room for the night. Alas, we did not keep it through the night as Henry started to worry that it might die sometime while he was sleeping. So, now the jar is labeled bug jar waiting for the next creature those grandchildren of mine will waylay for a half hour or so til they (mostly Henry) start to worry the creature may die out of his natural habitat.

    I love those grandchildren of mine…..and fireflies……and mason jars…..and ice picks……AND YOU!!!!

    Love, Jean

  2. What a beautfiful post, Annie! I love the way you put words together. I could visualize the darkness settling in and the smell the kids 🙂

    We live such busy lives that we often miss the little miracles of life.

    To answer the question in your title — they are in Oklahoma! We see fireflies often on our patio, and they still fascinate me!

  3. Gratitude and the benefits of God have been watchwords in my life recently. I’ve recognized that I am not nearly grateful enough. I so want to appreciate His gifts…to see them and recognize them.

    I hope you are continuing to feel better. (all the fireflies are in my yard. Come see them sometime!)

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