sunday’s song – all because of Jesus

Hope you are having a wonderful Labor Day weekend. Celebrate Sunday with me with praise and worship to our one and only Jesus Christ. We sang this song at church the last couple of weeks, and I finally remembered the title to look it up. The more you sing it, the more the chorus goes deep in your soul. I had heard Casting Crown’s version but I like this one by Steve Fee.

“All because of Jesus I’m alive. All because the blood of Jesus Christ that covers me and raised this dead man’s life.” Can I get a witness? I’m singing my praises today all because…


4 thoughts on “sunday’s song – all because of Jesus

  1. Of course your family is in my prayers. — Exciting and fun times ahead for the Gefferts . As far as all those dogs … well you know me ! You are a better woman than me …. but you know I love Abby and will love everyone of your real grandbabies!!!!

    Love you dear friend ,

    PS I think I am responding to the wrong entry , but oh well …

  2. I’m delighting in Him today! You’re right… it’s ALL because of Jesus. Thanks for listening yesterday. It was a great day! I’m glad you are still posting songs on Sundays! Have a nice day!
    Love, Angie xoxo

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