sunday’s song – be Thou near to me

Sunday revelations: Finding Peace amid the noise. Finding Grace amid the frustration. Finding Rest in pain and stillness. Finding Him as Healer and Savior this Lord’s Day.

I was moving a small chest down the stairs yesterday and missed the last step–the result, a turned ankle. I won’t be at church today so I’m worshipping at home. Hope your Sunday is filled with His Peace, Grace, Rest, and Jesus Himself as your salvation.


5 thoughts on “sunday’s song – be Thou near to me

  1. So sorry to read that you hurt yourself. Praying for quick and complete healing. Blessings on your week. Love, Mary Lou

  2. Lord, Please wrap my precious sister Annette in Your healing arms. I thank You, she will recline her head on Your shoulder and enjoy Sabbath rest. Please touch her ankle with Your healing power. In Jesus’ Name I pray.

    Love, Annette

  3. Oh my gosh…Are you okay? I pray your ankle heals quickly!! You need to be dancing real soon. I hope you spend this day resting. Keep your feet up. Let your family take care of you!
    Love you,
    Angie xoxo

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