5 thoughts on “sunday’s song – how beautiful

  1. I have to copy Angie above. How beautiful you and Mike are. This wedding was THE most magical, beautiful, perfect wedding…we’ve EVER been to. I know you must be in the prone position. BUT! Of course, we’re waiting (not so) patiently for pics! 🙂 Loads of love!!!!

  2. Thought about you all week end. Wasn’t sure of the exact date of the wedding but deducted when it was. I know the wedding was beautiful and can hardly wait to see the pictures. I love wedding pictures. It is exhausting and hope you are rested up a little by now. Blessings on your week. Mary Lou

  3. Ya’ll were on my heart through out the day on Saturday. Looking forward to the pics, thanks for sharing this special song.

    Love, Annette H

  4. How Beautiful were the mother and father of the bride who put on the most beautiful wedding I’ve ever attended. It was a complete joy and honor to be a guest and an evening I will never forget. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
    Love you, my dear friend from way back!
    Angie xoxo

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