siesta memory verse 21

New seasons, new chapters in lives, for all of us, call for a certain amount of faith, a certain amount of trust. Rest assured He is faithful through each step, holding us by His saving Hand, bathing us in His relentless, tending Love.  We can walk with confidence into the future, knowing little else. Once again, a memory verse has found me a little unsteady but fortified by His Word and faithful promise.

isaiah 41 10


4 thoughts on “siesta memory verse 21

  1. I’m grateful that He proves He is faithful and can be trusted… One day at a time… One hour at a time. I love how He winked at you today by having this verse on the big screen! I’m praying for another victory for you tomorrow.
    Love you,
    Angie xoxo

  2. This has been a very well used verse for me this year (it was #4) during those times that I just wanted to give up! May it be a blessing in your life as well.

  3. oh, one of my faorite verses that I have clung to, that bring me such comfort. Thanks for posting it. Blessings on your day of worship. Waiting for the beautiful pictures….Mary Lou

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