crazy? maybe so…

Today must have been Crazies Day at WalMart. Two unshaven men with backpacks ran and shouted through the store. “I’m getting me some soup. Oh HERE it is. Yeah, it’s on this row.” My row. Okay. I make a little room and begin to mentally review my Thanksgiving menu with a few added things and strike out on every count. Marie Callendar pumpkin pie—no. Amy’s cheese enchiladas—no. Green onions—yes, but wilted and 99 cents a pack.  I need six. Good grief. They were on sale at Kroger.

I smiled and made silly comments like “Oh, sorry. Traffic jam.”  And “Do you see the coconut anywhere?” Note to self: Don’t talk with the patrons. It obviously is an invasion of privacy. Since shopping wasn’t going so well, I decided to forgo the mental list to start a statistical count. A good 30 percent were talking to themselves and only a few had cell phones nearby. Maybe 10 percent looked “normal.” Some looked like they needed their next fix more than they did the bread in their basket. Others just looked a little rattled.

“Ma’am.” “Ma’am!” I turned and looked. He was talking to me. “MA’AM. You got my buggy.” I had to laugh. He was right. I had stolen his cart. I realized maybe I did belong.


7 thoughts on “crazy? maybe so…

  1. Every year there seems to be some item I need that is “sold out” and turns into a major event just to find one! Last year it was frozen chopped broccoli (for broccoli and rice casserole) and this year it was graham cracker pie crust. Randall’s was sold out (Wednesday nite of course, when I did my Thanksgiving shopping!) and it forced me to go to…Walmart! The dangerous one on 290 and Tidwell! Their shelf was bare too. But I persevered and searched the baking center in the aisle (thank you Jesus for my height!) and found a case,pushed back, unseen from either side. I took 4! Even though I only needed 2, and put the rest back on the baking aisle. I’d like to think I made 8 more people very happy when they ran in for the same thing!

  2. Been there, done that. I have never “stolen” somebodies cart but I have been known on more than one occasion to start filling someone else’s cart. 🙂
    Blessings to you this wonderful Thanksgiving. I have enjoyed every post of yours that I have come accross and am forvever grateful to the Lord for allowing our paths to cross.

  3. Just got home myself from Wildmart. I did have a moment that was full of goosebumps. You know, those Holy Spirit bumps? A young woman was shopping in shower curtains and she asked my opinion about the items she had chosen. I helped her and somehow we started “talking.” She was trying to make a major decision in her life and I shared about the Increase/Decrease prayer where you ask God to increase your desire for “X” if it is His Will…and decrease your desire for “X” if it is not his will. This decision involved waiting on God for a second miracle child (she had one child and had been told she would never have children)…or pushing forward with adoption proceedings. As I was telling her about the I/D Prayer…we both had goosebumps go through us at the same time. I can’t describe the blessing we both walked away with right there at Walmart. And I did see shoppers like you saw, too. Some looked like they were crazed. I found some of the things I was shopping for but completely forgot one of the two things I went for…coolwhip for sweet potato pie at work tomorrow. I’m baking the pies and will have to get the coolwhip tomorrow morning at 5 am. Ha. Hahahaha…

    I’m the crazy one there now….

  4. Hope your day got better after you left Wal Mart. I just wanted to drop in and wish you a blessed Thanksgiving. Miss your posts, but understand you are doing exactly what you are supposed to be doing. Blessings on your week and your time with your family.

    Love from Tennessee, Mary Lou

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