3 thoughts on “sunday’s song – in Christ alone

  1. My kitchen is a little loud right now with Lincoln playing the guitar (a new hobby) and John watching the basketball game. Soon my house will be quiet and I’m not looking forward to it. I’m glad I know this song without even having to hear it. It’s perfect for the beginning of the new year. I hope 2010 brings you back to writing here. I’ve decided to stay away from facebook for awhile. It’s become a drug that I need to take a break from for awhile. The shallowness is starting to affect me.
    Love you, friend!
    Angie xoxo

  2. One of my favorite songs…how I love it and The Power of The Cross !!! Love the part where it says and “bursting forth in glorious day up from grave He arose and now sin’s curse no longer has a hold of me”. Goes along with the thought of He is the Light…He came out of the darkness of the grave and His light was glorious and we can walk and live in His light. Blessed thought…thanks for sharing…Love, Mary Lou

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