sunday’s song – i will rise

The spring rains fall, and the sky is a white haze. Thunder threatens and a small bird sings its way back to peace. Lots of time for reflection and healing lately as I recover from a surgery. Sitting still is good therapy for our rushed, turbulent minds and bodies. God brings such glorious hope amid the rare gray calm. Blessed Sunday!


2 thoughts on “sunday’s song – i will rise

  1. I was just making a CD for a patient of mine since he wanted a sample of my favorite music. He has no idea what I’m about to share. This song was on my list, but I took it off because I didn’t have enough room. It appears God wants me to listen to it again, especially if you of all people decided to post it today! I’m going to right now! Thank you for your sweet message when I got home last night from a night out where my stomach was in knots… again. I’m off to church, but I hope to talk with you later.

    p.s. Sounds like you are in the perfect spot to recover!

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