1 thought on “sunday’s song – nothing but the blood

  1. Thanks for this song Annette. I had never heard this version…it’s beautiful. All I know is the old hymn of this song and love it…this one adds so much to that hymn. Thank you…hope to hear it in church soon…would set some of the “old” ones on thier ears because it’s not the original song, but it says what the old one did not say but needs to say. Think Fran and I are safe today. she had more flooding up her way…she lives about an hour and a half north of where I live…more rain and flooding up there…we had sirens of tornado warning till two this morning….nothing since then, we’ve been spared and blessed…Hope the wedding plans are proceeding and that you are fully recovered from your surgery. Blessings on your week….Love you…Mary Lou

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