sunday’s song – when I think about the Lord

One of the closing songs at yesterday’s Restoring Honor Rally in D.C. was this beautiful Hillsong praise song. Let’s pray for our country today.
And if you need any prayer, I’m with you praying this day–especially you, Karen M. for Jonathan and for your family. May God send His healing power over us and in us and through us! Amen.


1 thought on “sunday’s song – when I think about the Lord

  1. I am praying for revival in our country. God is calling all of us who truly believe in Him, to fall on our faces and repent and turn our lives totally over to Him and listen to Him carefully. Heard from Bev and I am praying for her as the Lord leads me to and we truly need to be along side of Him and have her back. This song truly wants me to stand and shout with joy !!!Praying for Bev along with you and others. God is so at work in so many lives and the enemy is roaming about seeking whom he may sift as wheat and we need to cover each other as much as possible with prayer. The time may truly be very short. He is all that matters.
    Blessings on your time of worship,
    Mary Lou

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