sunday’s song – how He loves us

Another 9-11 comes before us and we still can’t forget the horror of that day–hate crimes against innocent lives in the name of some foreign god. I am so thankful that this is not the God of the Bible Whom we serve. When religion goes bad and finatics pick up their swords in the name of evil, all of creation shutters. It’s an all out attack on the God of the universe, and He must be so angry. Yet we still feel His Hand on our country, His outstretched Hand to the unloveable one, His faint cry, “Return to me, and I will return to you.” Oh, pray for our country and each of our hearts today to return to the shelter of His wing. Pray for our hardened hearts to feel again with the same passion that He loves us. Pray for nothing short of a fire within for the same things that stir our Lord. Pray for unity in the Holy Spirit for our hearts to align with His. He loves you so much!

Would you sit a minute in His presence and let Him love on you? I am convinced if we could truly grasp the depth of this love, we’d forever be changed. We’d respond to our lives with a different heart. We’d act in love toward others. We’d feel deeply again with nothing taken for granted. We’d be fall-on-our-face grateful. So…what are we waiting for? Let Your Love go deeply inside us, Lord, and heal those wounds that keep us at a distance, the walls that prevent us from feeling like you do. Bless our country and revive it in Your Love to look to You for every move. Restore hearts to come back to you, and give us the strength in Your Power to be obedient and heed Your call. And with everything I am, I thank You for loving me before I have anything at all to offer You. “We love because He first loved us!”

What’s on your heart today? Let’s pray together and let His love heal every place within that needs the Master’s touch!


2 thoughts on “sunday’s song – how He loves us

  1. You said it Sister! Enjoyed seeing you in person so much!!! yes…how He loves us…and may we take His love to the world.

    xoxo Annette H

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