sunday’s song – how many kings?

Not always but often I have an underlying story behind my Sunday’s Song–something that has happened in the week or a song that is ministering to me in particular at the time. This is the case today, as I returned to my old church and saw many familiar faces and loved ones I hadn’t seen since I left five years ago. It was bitersweet remembering how much I have missed them and wondering if I could, maybe, go back to the welcoming church I loved so much. I had a good talk with my dear friend, Linda, and she mentioned that they were singing this song (and that it would make me cry.) I hadn’t heard it but she told me enough of the lyrics that I knew I would want to hear it. When I got in the car an hour later, this song was on the radio. It was such a sweet gift to me, to minister to this longing heart. Before I had left, I was fairly certain God was not calling me back there, but I knew He understood my pain in it.

Earlier in the week, at String of Pearls, we read in The Message of Jesus’ walk to the Cross in The Gospel of Mark, and this moring, we read in Luke about Mary and Elizabeth spending time together, in complete awe of the Lord’s Hand on their babies about to be born. It seemed fitting that on one day we were saying “Crucify Him,” and the next we were pondering a young mother’s wonder at the miraculous Gift. So, maybe it’s a Christmas song, but it is our story. He holds the very keys to Life and Death in His Hands. And He takes care of the details so sweetly.

As is our custom on Sundays, let us pray together and worship Him. Where would be without the Lord Jesus? I’m giving thanks here at annie’s eyes today for His Gift.


3 thoughts on “sunday’s song – how many kings?

  1. Annette, I almost posted this song on my blog today. I sang it through out the day yesterday. It tenders and humbles my heart. How our Lord’s heart must ache over the state of your former and my current denomination. Have a blessed week. I am back to the daily readings will begin posting this week.

    Love, Annette H

  2. Hi Annette! This is a wonderful song, and of course we would love for you to come back, even if it’s for a visit. I actually saw you today, walking in the parking lot. I tried to scream, and back up my car, but there was a car behind me. I was on the way out. It would have been great to talk to you! Thank you for this blog!

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