sunday’s song -mercy said no

This is still one of my all-time favorite contemporary Christian songs. It’s every Christian’s story. It’s my story. Anyone need prayer? Let’s join together in thanksgiving that Mercy Himself, Christ Jesus would not, and has not let go of us! Bless you, this Lord’s Day.


3 thoughts on “sunday’s song -mercy said no

  1. If I could be totally honest and take off my mask I would ask for prayers that I would get the fire back that I once had for God. I hope I’m not asking Him to give me reason to be desperate for Him. A patient came in yesterday and wants to have coffee because the last time I cleaned her teeth (last year) I was so enthusiastic about God and she hoped I could help her. I don’t have it for myself anymore so I don’t think I am the right person to be used by God this time.

    Love, Angie from an airplane!

  2. I seem to always be in need of prayer but I want instead to say with you that I am thankful that mercy said no and spared my soul. I am thankful for my Lord wooing me and drawing me to Himself and for keeping me close to Him. I am ever so grateful to Him….blessings on your week….love you….

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