Sunday’s Song – “In the Cross of Christ I Glory”

We were at the ranch this weekend for another wedding, and it is simply a place that demands my full attention. I wished I could paint or sing. I try. I embarrass myself. Birds testify. They sing with the soft wind as their accompaniment. Frogs in the water bear witness with loud discussion. Even the smell of the air glorifies. As it is written, even the rocks cry out.

We are worshippers in our souls. Something deep within calls us to acknowledge and affirm that which already existed long before we got here.  Our existence validates itself in communion with our Creator.  That is worship, really—aligning our hearts, looking to the One who holds our life to say “You are bigger. My soul magnifies You with awe-inspired gratitude.”

So, I write. Words can paint when good. Mine seldom do. Nothing seems to capture the splendor of the moment for me.  Everything points to Him, yet I know something is missing this morning.  I realize my own inadequacy to fully respond. It’s Sunday, and although I feel I am more worshipful in my heart here at the ranch than I am at times in my real church, in the midst of all this beauty and evidence of Him, I still lack. I miss the corporate worship of my family in Christ standing together. I miss the baptismal font and new beginnings. I miss the feel of the Scripture in my lap, and in every hand in the room with many hearts coming hungry for a life-giving Word.  There is nothing like the family of God worshipping together.  So, I make a vow to be sitting in church next week and look around one more time at another kind of meeting Him place–outside, absorbing His creation on a windy spring morning.

I return to the moment that has me so caught in worship. The bride comes back to pick up a few things and she feels it, too. She stops and looks over the back lawn where all the friends and family gathered a few hours before. The people are long gone, the chairs all folded and put away. But one thing remains. There is a magnificent rustic cross that stands alone overlooking the winding creek.  She pauses, then grabs her camera to snap a photo. I stand and watch as she takes it in. She knows after all the fanfare of the day before, the promises, the people, the fun—when all that is over, one Thing remains, starkly in the center—the Cross.  May it be so in our lives as well, Lord.

Bane and blessing, pain and pleasure,
by the cross are sanctified;
peace is there that knows no measure,
joys that through all time abide.” (“In the Cross of Christ I Glory,” John Bowring, 1825)


6 thoughts on “Sunday’s Song – “In the Cross of Christ I Glory”

  1. You do write so that we can “see” , we see your heart. He gives you the words and transports us to what you “see” both physical and spiritual. I knew you weren’t fishing just stating you believed to be true. Love the playlist…wow….there truly is something about corporate worship that can not be duplicated or replaced. I think that is why He tells us to not forsake the fellowship of the believers. He knew what it would do and did do for us. We can worship by ourselves but it is so sweet to feel Him in the service with other people, even if some of them are not in tune with Him…He still meets each one of us right where we are and ministers to us…oh, what a feeling..a blessed feeling…. Love you…Mary Lou

  2. You both are very kind. I really wasn’t fishing for compliments, but do appreciate the encouragement. I tend to write out of the overflow of my heart. often when I have the least amount of extra time! Something in me won’t settle until I get it down on the page or on the blog, I guess, as is the case here. Thanks for reading. You both are good friends to me–one near by and one far away but near in heart.

  3. Dear Annie,

    You have so captured my heart with your words of wisdom once again. I want to encourage you with the little extra time you may have left to pursue writing….. you have got all it takes girl to become a wonderful poet of words.

    Love xoxoxo

  4. Oh, dear one. Your words definitely paint a picture! AND cause us to quiet and worship. Don’t think for a minute you do not bless all that read you!! And, that ranch of yours is most inspiring. How sweet to visualize the new bride back..the next day, and in awe of that beautiful cross!!! However, I know what you mean about worshiping with your church family. Have a glorious week…in Him!

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