a song for today

Well, things have been so busy lately with spring and weddings and beginnings. Don’t you love fresh starts? I certainly do. I work now several days a week, so the blog and other computer things seem to get lost in the shuffle. It seems when I get to the computer, I am spending so much time on business, I don’t have time for the fun stuff. But that’s a mistake–we must make time for the joy. I was reading in James yesterday at the end of chapter four, and it spoke of it being wrong to make grand plans for tomorrow and assume we even have a tomorrow. Every day, every minute is a gift from God that can’t be taken for granted. We can spend so much time worrying about tomorrow (or even over-planning) that we fail to enjoy today. It almost something we brag about–being so busy, blah, blah, blah, excuse-making for why we haven’t been in touch with people we care about. I don’t think it makes anybody feel better to know we are busy, so what is that about? Our society thinks being busy is a good thing, but it should not be mistaken for being productive. God tells us to number our days, make days count, not fill them with fluff.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been feeling overwhelmed lately. God is telling us to slow down and ask Him what to do. And if we listen, we won’t be spinning our wheels. Our work will have eternal merit. Our priorities will shift from scratching things off a list to finding some real meaning and purpose in each day. So, as I sit with my list, I’m wondering what He would have me do this day. One of the things was write this little post and share a song I’ve been enjoying. And I feel better. What are you up to today? Do you feel the tug of the world’s demands, or have you found the peace that comes with being still long enough to listen to His plan for your day?


5 thoughts on “a song for today

  1. I’d have to add a big “amen” to that. How many things do I think are important that really don’t mean squat in the grand scheme of things. I think I’ll take this day and slow down a bit and enjoy it. (maybe that will remove that ball of stress in the pit of my stomach!)

    love you!

  2. I think that is what makes it hard to slow down and enjoy every minute of everyday, we’re worried that we aren’t doing enough “important” things; it might be fluff! Or I look back and wonder, what have accomplished? What do I have to show for my time? You hit the nail on the head though, ASK GOD WHAT HE WANTS YOU TO DO! And then do it!

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