thankfully, another year

Like most years, as this year draws to a close, it brings pause for reflection and a little optimism for a new start with another year. Did you ever see the Disney movie, “Pollyanna?”  It is a classic and well worth your time if you haven’t seen it. Pollyanna is an orphan of missionaries who comes to live with her aunt. She shares new perspective for her Aunt Polly and much of the her new town as she plays the Glad Game. The Glad Game involves turning bad things that happen to her and to others into a positive, all based on how they choose to look at it. I believe that game can be played on most of what life hands us. Find the good in everything, even challenges.  In almost any situation, circumstances aside, life can be so sweet and rich and full all by how we perceive it. And that is the trick.

The year ahead will be filled with both wild good and most difficult. As we peek around the corner to take a look at 2019, I see challenges ahead for us, but I know that we will tackle each one with all the grace God gives us as we commit to focus on the sweet moments. Mike’s parents will be joining us here at the ranch and that will be a gift to us to spend time with them and take a more active role in their care.  I want this to be a gift of care and love to them as well, but I also know Mike’s and my patience is not what it should be. So, while we approach this task with trepidation, we recognize what a privilege it is to have them with us as our mentors, our example of what love means, and our sacrifice of joy. It will be a privilege to be part of their lives as they round the next corner of their story.

We also will be sharing in the lives of our seven grandchildren as they show us how to look at life with wonder and enthusiasm and wild imagination. We are very blessed to live near them. It is a rare week when we haven’t seen at least some of them.  We will never take this gift lightly, and will continue to soak up every moment, as time goes so very quickly.

Other things I hope to pursue in 2019 will be to return to photography and learning more about light and developing an eye for the shot, and return to writing more here on the blog, whether it’s about spiritual revelations or spicy recipes. It is my plan to share here more, and it might be a place to come to vent a little, too. I suppose that is yet to be determined. The story continues, and one thing is certain. Whatever will appear, it will be from my heart.

How about your new year? Are you looking forward to your next chapter? I surely hope you are. Wishing you a most blessed 2019! Love and hugs~ annie


Mike and Annette in Denver. Aug 2018


9 thoughts on “thankfully, another year

    • Thank you, my friend! We are going to make some beautiful pics this year I hope. I will probably add them to some blog postings, but primarily on the assignments stick to the through the lens page here. Can’t wait to share more here together. You will have to show me how I can get a notice when you post a new blog. Let’s visit later…

    • You know this story well, Annette. Prayers for you as you continue to be caretaker for your loved one. Happiest of New Years to you, my friend! Hope we can get together in 2019.

  1. Annette, thank you for sharing your New Year predictions with us! How wonderful for Mike to still have his sweet parents and how humbling it is for you two to take on their care! It will be difficult but loving at the same time! We have all been there and I sure miss my parents as I know Bud misses his. We wish we could have them forever! Our new year will be getting more wild, too, with the waiting of a new baby boy! Kurt, Stacie, Brynlee and Lena are expecting a baby boy and brother in April! You are so blessed to have 8 grandchildren and I know how much joy they bring to you both! It is a love that is hard to explain until you have them of your own. I wish you patience, love, kindness and grace in the new year! Many blessings, too!! Love you and miss you guys!

    • You are so right, Paula. We treasure having them here with us. Like you, I lost my parents far too soon and miss them so. It is with joy that we will take on this new responsibility.

      So exciting to welcome a baby! I am so happy for you and Bud, and Stacie and Kurt! You know how blessed we both are to have littles in our lives again!

      Much joy and love to you and Bud.

  2. My prayers for you as you & Mike step into this new journey. It was/is such a blessing to have reconnected albeit briefly. That renewal of friendship God graced us with was one of the most treasured gifts I received in 2018. Hopefully, it will work that I can come up to see you – cameras in tow. I always have at least one with me. What a blessing it would be to share some ‘lens time’ & unhurried conversation with you & J. May your 2019 be blessed with unbounded joy & God’s strength hand in hand with the courage of absolute faith in He Who is always faithful. Love & hugs….

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