1 thought on “Sunday’s Song…In Christ Alone

  1. Oh, my goodness! I know who you are. I’ve “talked” to your mother via e-mail. This is so funny. Your mother and I talked about how much your dad looks like my dad. My dad (when he was 49), stepmother and 14 year old sister died in a carwreck 13 years ago and your dad looks SO MUCH like him. I sent your mother a picture of my dad and she agreed.

    When I was reading Amanda’s blog yesterday I noticed that she mentioned waking up from the sickness and going out to get cupcakes. I almost left the comment “cupcake cravings?!?”, but didn’t. What I find interesting is that two of us have left comments hinting at pregnancy and she has yet to refute them. She posted them and stayed silent. I guess time will tell.

    It was nice “talking” to you. Thank you for the comment!

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