fresh eyes of grace

Yesterday was one of many in the last twelve years that I have had to face some unfinished business and try to deal with a person in my life that is difficult. It’s an ongoing business situation with extended family, and it never is easy. In fact, painful would be a much better word of description. We get along okay, but we have been placed in this situation to work along with each other for a purpose greater than our own pain, greater than our own gain. At this point there is not much to gain, but a lot to lose if I don’t act appropriately. His eternal salvation is uncertain, and we may be the only ones who try to show him the love of Christ. What makes it more difficult is he is not sober enough to talk to reasonably most of the time. I so want to show him mercy, yet I feel my blood pressure rise as soon as I hear his voice.

Although yesterday went nothing like I had planned, it went well. God was there to help me. Just as it was clear nothing was really going to change as I visited with him, his daughter came in. We had a very good talk about what would be best for him and for all involved. I give God such praise for sending her, a voice of reason, to be there yesterday, and to hear what was happening firsthand, so she could help him make some decisions. I don’t want to miss showing him the love of Christ in every step, and yet, I am never sure if I haven’t stopped just short of that. Yesterday, I was sure though. I had a dear friend praying, and I could feel a peace and a compassion that I don’t have in my own power. It was Christ in that room taking care of the walking wounded, and for that, I sing His praise again this day.

Amazing Lord, we give you such praise that you use unexpected vessels to minister to us and perhaps accomplish what might never have been settled otherwise. I give you thanks and all the credit for seeing us through these long years, particularly the last seven, which have been escalating to this point. It feels there may be some light at the end of this tunnel, and it springs hope again that the business at hand may be settled. But even if it isn’t, I ask that you speak to your suffering child and help him to know you. It is never too late, and he perhaps has never been more ready to receive a Hope and a Future. And, Lord, it would be my greatest honor to be used in that purpose. Open doors, and close them, in Your perfect timing and give us wisdom and compassion to act as Your ambassadors. It is in the incomparable Name above all names of Christ Jesus that I come with a thankful heart before you. Amen.

Matthew 10:16
“Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves. Therefore be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.”

I wrote this poem two years ago, but find it relevant today from an overflow of gratitude.
Fresh Eyes of Grace

Give me fresh eyes to see without fog
I pray for Your spirit, I pray for that log
I pray that You move it, to help me to see
For the love of Your Son, it’s not about me.

Take away selfish ambition and greed
In weakness and fairness help me to heed
What Jesus would do in times like these
Help me to bow and bend the knees.

To love where I’m hated; to turn away
And not revenge when the world says to pay.
To keep me honest amid tricky wiles.
To challenge my peace and to offer smiles.

Whatever you give me I know is a test
Help me to pass; help me to rest
Give me Your wisdom. I surrender my power
To Your holy provision made just for this hour.

Bless him and save him and give him eyes
To see through Your Son, to never despise
To one day remember the love You extend
To heal broken hearts for lives to mend.

You fill me with grace again and again.
How I thank you, Lord, for where we’ve been.
For taking me over when I couldn’t bear
For being strong, for making me care.

Today You remind me how far we’ve come
I remember that heart that felt so numb
Thank you for saving and giving me love
That only can come from heaven above.


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