to love better

Before you know it, tomorrow will be here and we’ll be starting our summer Bible study. I almost feel guilty about not doing more, but I trust our video speaker, and the coffee and brownies are easy enough to make. I did preview the first one just to make sure the A/V equipment was up and running. All I have to do is open with a prayer and facilitate a few questions at the end. How easy is that? I am surprised so many can make it this time. However, this one’s appeal is more about the topic, I imagine, than the time.

It is called “Loving Well.” Which one of us doesn’t need to try to love better? There are plenty of people in our lives that are downright hard to love, and so it is my prayer that we walk away from this series with more love in our hearts, not only for the easy to love, but for the difficult. I’ll keep you posted how I’m doing. I have my first challenge tomorrow before the study, when a deadline I gave a loved one will come and pass, and I will have to decide whether to take legal action. I really don’t know if it’s a loving thing at this point to do. It very well could be. And yet it could be a divisive move that alienates further. And when does loving one person start eating away at the expense of someone else whom I also care about deeply? Where is the black and white answer I am looking for? I pray it will become abundantly clear and love will prevail in each step. Meanwhile, I might need a tutor on this lesson. I know just Who to ask. (I John 4:7-20)


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