firestorms that summon faith

If I weren’t so sleepy, I could probably make a coherent sentence to write here. I just thought I would do something active to keep myself from nodding off again. Sitting in the waiting room of a doctor, I am, after all, watching two purses and a computer. My daughter has an appointment with the neurologist this morning. She has been diagnosed with an arachnoid cyst in the frontal lobe of her brain, so today, the neurologist that specializes in opthamalogical issues is doing an exam. Since she has had some trouble with her peripheral vision, we are here for an 8 a.m. appointment in the medical center of Houston. That meant getting our little tails out of bed at 5 this morning, which after 5 hours sleep, didn’t quite do it for me. As I pray for her wellbeing, I nod off again, so I figure I’ll just write my prayers and thoughts down, and more actively seek the Lord in this. I am so thankful for good doctors and the medical care. I trust God is taking care of this issue, but I wasn’t so easy going at first. A brain tumor? Found totally by accident, in a CT scan she had last year after a malaria scare, they diagnosed her with an cyst at the frontal lobe of the brain. It is structurally not a problem, but if it becomes symptomatic or grows, it could be a problem. (—yes, this is my daughter who has lots of scares, but is so very healthy—we just have many opportunities to grow our faith.) So, here we are at one of the best medical facilities in the world, and she is doing what she needs to do to insure her health. I thank God that she is healthy, that it isn’t worse than what it could be, and that He is the mighty Healer in this. I give Him glory for such a sweet, brilliant and beautiful daughter, and for giving me people that surround me that pray for her and for our peace. It is obvious that those prayers are being heard because otherwise, it is not my normal state to be calm and have peace in these situations. Glory to His Name in the trials and in the fire. Each day is full of moments where we can be overcome by our circumstances, or overwhelmed by His mercies and Grace. To His credit, today I am overwhelmed by the latter!


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